Oct 12, 2007

October Ramblings

So Brittany informed me that I am supposed to update my blog all the time so it is current. I told her that without her at home, life just isn't as exciting. The last couple of weeks have been pretty routine. Both of the boys had parent teacher conferences and are doing well in school. (Although Trevor's teacher did catch him snoozing during Bill Nye the Science guy) Trevor will be going off track next week for about 3 weeks home with nothing to do but bug me. Most of his friends are on different tracks this year, which is not good news. Tye joined the ping-pong club, and goes after school every Thursday. Maybe someday he will be as good as his uncle Ben, and actually beat him without Ben using a video tape box.
The most recent exciting news is that we will be going on an 8 night Mexican Riviera Cruise the week before Christmas, actually returning on Christmas Eve. We will be joined by Marc's family, mother, sister and her family, and brother and his family. We have never really travelled with all of them at the same time so this should be fun if all goes well. This will be Christmas for our families, so Santa won't be leaving much under the tree this year. It will also be our first time leaving our kitty Mayo, so I am a little worried how he will do with us gone for so long. I am not sure if we will have someone come and check on/feed him, or if he will get to go stay with his mommy at my parents house.
Speaking of Mayo, he got his first set of shots last week, and next week is going to get fixed. So if you were planning on him fathering any cute kittens, sorry it just won't happen. Christmas should be interesting around here with Mayo. He was an outdoor kitty before we brought him home, so he loves climbing trees. Watch out Christmas Tree!!! At least it is fake so it wont smell like a real tree, but it will have fun little dangling objects for him to try and attack.