Sep 14, 2009

I am a slacker...

Well it is the middle of September, so I guess that I should update this blog since the last time I did it was July. Where to start...
The first half of August I was totally consumed by my class reunion. It turned out great and I had such a blast seeing old friends. We had a fun picnic lunch on Saturday afternoon, right after a huge cloud burst, so it was actually kind of cold. Later that night we all went up to Snowbird for a nice dinner and program. Marc and I stayed the night up there so we could visit as late as we could keep our eyes open. On Sunday, we had a simple brunch at Golden Corral and then headed to Glenmoor for some golf. (Marc golfed, I did not) I was sad that so many classmates could not make it, but hopefully the economy will be better before the next one. (which we decided should be a 25 year cruise) Later that same week, one of my classmates that wasn't able to make it for the reunion was down in SLC for work. We got together with some other classmates and laughed about the old times. I didn't get home until 2 in the morning...What was I thinking, I am not 15 anymore.
Trevor had his 14th birthday. Brit and Tye took him to Lagoon to celebrate. I was glad that I didn't have to go. Remind me next year how much I really don't like Lagoon. I guess I have been spoiled by Disney and Universal in Florida.
The boys have finally gone back to school. We talked Tye into going to SLCC for his first year and staying home to save his money for that new car he thinks he needs. (yes he is still driving the Sunbird) Trevor seems to be enjoying 8th grade so far. He is playing fall baseball for the Blasterz and is having lots of fun. They played in the Labor day tournament and made it to the semi's.
The end of August my sister came from Virginia with her 3 girls to take the 2 oldest down to BYU. They spent about 8 days here before they went back. Brit is so excited to have her 2 oldest girl cousins living close by so now they can come to family dinners.
Brit has started the nursing program at Weber State, and was a bit overwhelmed at first, but seems to be settling in just fine now. She has used us as her guinea pigs for doing some assessments, and we are still alive to speak about it...I am sure we will get plenty of chances for her to practice on us.
We are all keeping busy around our house, getting ready for whatever comes our way.