Dec 31, 2007


We had a wonderful time on our cruise and made it home just in time for the big snow storm on Christmas Eve.

All the kids seemed to get along most of the time, and I got along with everybody most of the time too. We had 2 fun days at sea before our 3 ports in Acapulco, Ixtapa, and finally Manzanillo, Mexico, and then 2 more fun days at sea before returning to the real world.

The weather was beautiful and warm in all our ports and even in San Diego.

We also had a nice little Christmas the day after we got home. Santa did find us and leave the kids some little gifts. Our kitty was happy to come home and see us.
Now it is time to start a whole new year of fun memories. I am sure it will be filled with plenty of baseball and hopefully some more fun family trips.

Dec 9, 2007

Christmas Letter

Here it is December again. The first snow of the season has just fallen, and left the feeling of Christmas 5 inches deep.Now that I'm in the mood,or stuck inside, I guess it is time to tell of our 2007.
*Brittany graduated from BHS in June, with honors in the top 10% of her class. She is now living in Ogden with her Aunt Janessa, and attending Weber State on a full ride academic scholarship. She is still seeking her nursing degree. We all miss her at home.
*Tye is a junior at Bingham. He turned 16 this spring and got his drivers license in July. He gets around in, yes it is still here, Marc's little red Sunbird. He is involved in the ping-pong club at school and is getting ready for the ACT's in February.
*Trevor is in the 6th grade and officially the King of the elementary. He turned 12 in August and is now in Young Mens. He is still very involved in baseball, and in July we traveled to Chino, California to watch him play in a tournament.
*As for Marc and myself, we just try to keep things running smoothly. Marc is still flying the 767/757 for Delta, and I do, well I do what most stay at home moms do... entertainment coordinator.
*And don't let me forget ( the kids would be mad if I did), Mayo (my-o) our new little kitty. We (I), brought him home in July, and the kids love him to death. Even Marc has decided he is not so bad.
*We hope that you all have a safe and enjoyable Christmas and may 2008 bring with it new and fun times too.
The Carlile's
Marc, Janaye, Brittany, Tye, & Trevor