Jun 30, 2010


The keys words in the title are No and Ha, cuz I am pretty sure it was a laughing matter trying to get us to and from Omaha and play No baseball (or very little). We had quite the adventure for our last travelling tournament as the Utah Marshalls. First of all, we decided that a 14 hour drive was not on our can-do list so we decided to fly. The flights looked good, so there should be no problem, right? NOT! We never actually got to fly in or out of Omaha. Instead we had to fly in and out of Kansas City, MO and drive 2 1/2 hours. (we did have a pretty sweet ride though in a Mercury Marquis) Trev thought we were going to die from all the tornado warnings we heard on the drive. Once in Omaha, feel the humidity, and here comes the rain. It poured all night, making the fields unplayable. We lucked out that our fields were the only fields playable that day, although we did start late. We won 1 game and lost the other one. Now the problem was all the other games were canceled and needed to be made up the next day, so now we didn't get to play on that day.
All the boys went to the last college world series at Rosenblatt stadium, which will be torn down after the games are over. They watched they eventual champions South Carolina Gamecocks play. More rain came that night and the rest of the tournament was canceled. As always the boys had fun, regardless of baseball.
Making our way home, was of course not any easier. We had to drive back to Kansas City and try to make it home for Trev to get back for his summer PE class. We had the chance to drive around a while before our flight. We drove down to where the KC Royals and KC Chiefs play. The stadiums are back to back and share their parking lots. Luckily we made it on our flight and Marc got on the next one after us.
So the short answer is.... NO I won't be going back to Omaha any time soon.