Dec 31, 2011

Carlile 2011

Wow! It seems the holidays come more quickly each year. So much for a stress free season, I guess I had better get writing and wrapping so that Santa can visit.

Trevor has been a busy boy this year. In March, he made the BHS Baseball team. He got to spend a fun 10 day spring training trip to California, and then came home to finish league play and take the State title. Summer was filled with a baseball trip to Omaha and lots of golf. Then in August he made the BHS golf team, and got his drivers license. He is also in the Ping Pong club. He went on his first date to Homecoming in September. His freedom to drive means as much time away from home as possible.

Tye has remained busy with his Engineering studies at the U. He has a bit less than 2 years left to graduate. This summer he was promoted to a supervisor position at work and also started full time. He is still dating Lauren and says they are engaged, but no date has been set. We still enjoy having him live at home for now.

Brittany graduated from the Nursing program at Weber State this spring. She is still looking for a job that is conducive to being home with Spencer. Jacob has a new position at work, but is still doing a lot of the same things. When he has travelled, we have gotten to enjoy Britt and Spencer coming to stay with us. Spencer turned 1 in May. He is running around and has really started to talk a lot. He is a bit of a monkey and loves to climb.

Marc is still flying for Delta, but is now in an International category of flying. He’s gotten to go to Amsterdam, Zurich, Paris, Aruba and Hawaii. He can’t wait till he gets to go to Asia. Janaye finally has the time to do whatever she wants. No more team mom duties, ( gets to be a fan in the stands with everyone else) no more chauffeur, and best of all loves being Grandma. After 20ish years of marriage, we actually took 2 trips this year, just Janaye and Marc.

Happy Holidays

The Carliles,

Marc, Janaye

& Family

May 19, 2011

Its a great day to be a....

Trevor made the Bingham high baseball team in March. It is a whole new experience for playing baseball. No more 40+ game seasons. 37 other guys fighting for playing time. And being the rookie. They only play about 15ish Sophomore games, and about 20ish JV games. He usually got to play in the Soph. games (either hitting, defensively or both) and saw a few at bats for JV.
For their spring training trip, the team rode a bus to California for 10 days. (With a stopover in Vegas on the way there and back) The Varsity team played in the Hard 9, and took 6th out of 16 teams. The Soph team went 3-1, and saw some pretty good teams.Opening ceremonies for the tournament was a lot of fun. Domingo came and hit lots of home runs (he is a Youtube sensation that the boys love). They even got some pictures with him.
The boys got to go to 1 college game (UCLA vs. Arizona) and 3 MLB games (2 Dodgers vs. Braves and 1 Angels vs. Red Sox- and yes the Sox won, YAY for Trev). Marc and I went to the first Dodgers vs Braves game with them. All I have to say is I am glad we don't live in LA with the traffic and confusing freeways, even with a GPS, getting to Dodger stadium was an adventure I would like to forget.

The boys got to hang out at the beach one day and go to 6 Flags on another day. 5 boys stayed in each hotel room, and boy did it smell like it. They all had fun playing cards and video games during their down times and late at night. Trev seemed to have lots of fun, but was glad to get home and sleep in his own bed, alone!

One of the nights there, Marc and I took a little trip to Newport Beach with Blake and Angie. We also got to see John Hilton a couple of times too. We had lots of fun with the boys and all the parents. We didn't stay the whole time since we had to come home for our next schedule of events...

We hurried onto our flight from CA. Friday morning and went straight to Ogden for Brittany's graduation ceremony from Nursing school. She has officially completed her schooling for her RN, she just has to take the state test to be licensed. I am sure she is relieved to have it all done, now she needs to be able to find a job. All she wanted for graduation was a trip to Washington DC. She went there while in high school and saw bits and pieces of lots of things that she really wanted to go back and enjoy. So off her and Jacob went and left little Spencer with us.

We got to have 6 full days of Spencer. He was so good, I am sure he didn't even miss his parents (hint, hint for him to stay with us again). He is very mobile and tried to get into anything within his reach. He slept through the night and usually a couple of good naps during the day. I tried to teach him to go down the stairs and to say Grandma, but to no avail. We took him to a couple of Trevor's baseball games, but usually it was cold and too long for him to sit still. We had a great time with him, but as I said when we had Lincoln, you forget what time and effort it takes having little ones around.
As you can see in the pic above, Marc is sporting a bit of facial hair. He is currently in the process of qualification training for transoceanic flights. So in the mean time while he is sitting idle, he thought he would grow something he can't normally have. Too bad he can't get it to grow that thick, even with the gray, on the top...JK

Jan 29, 2011

What I learned from spending the week with a 1 year old...

There are reasons most people choose to have children when they are young.
I forgot how exhausting the hours are that babies keep.
You don't realize all the muscles you use to hold, carry, lift, swing, throw etc. (that does not include the muscles you have used to use them as exercise equipment, I will be sore tomorrow)
Lincoln loves to brush his teeth, eat noodles, drink chocolate milk, mozzarella sticks, cocoa puffs, chocolate covered marshmallows, chase the kitty, be tickled, eat by himself, his blanket, and my most favorite thing, he loves to be cuddled!
Lincoln does not like cottage cheese, apples with caramel (from McD's), ketchup on fries, lucky charms, oatmeal, to be held by anybody else if he is sad, he will scream (the high pitched kind) if he is mad, but also when he just wants to get your attention.
He sleeps through the night, but does get up earlier than I am ready to be functional for the day.
He only got scratched by the cat 2 times, within minutes of each other. Who goes back for seconds? Luckily Mayo is a bit quicker than Lincoln. Lincoln did grab his tail or a wad of fur, but usually just wanted to pat him. He never even tried to eat the cat food, and really only tried once to play in the water dish.
The only times he opened cupboards or drawers was after I opened one...YAY!
I tried in vain to get him to say my name, Marc, Tye or Trev or even what the kitty says:( He will probably go home and say something totally random.
Everybody was so good with Lincoln, but all the dirty work was left up to me.
It was a fun week, but now it is time to sleep!
Love you Lincoln!