Dec 31, 2007


We had a wonderful time on our cruise and made it home just in time for the big snow storm on Christmas Eve.

All the kids seemed to get along most of the time, and I got along with everybody most of the time too. We had 2 fun days at sea before our 3 ports in Acapulco, Ixtapa, and finally Manzanillo, Mexico, and then 2 more fun days at sea before returning to the real world.

The weather was beautiful and warm in all our ports and even in San Diego.

We also had a nice little Christmas the day after we got home. Santa did find us and leave the kids some little gifts. Our kitty was happy to come home and see us.
Now it is time to start a whole new year of fun memories. I am sure it will be filled with plenty of baseball and hopefully some more fun family trips.

Dec 9, 2007

Christmas Letter

Here it is December again. The first snow of the season has just fallen, and left the feeling of Christmas 5 inches deep.Now that I'm in the mood,or stuck inside, I guess it is time to tell of our 2007.
*Brittany graduated from BHS in June, with honors in the top 10% of her class. She is now living in Ogden with her Aunt Janessa, and attending Weber State on a full ride academic scholarship. She is still seeking her nursing degree. We all miss her at home.
*Tye is a junior at Bingham. He turned 16 this spring and got his drivers license in July. He gets around in, yes it is still here, Marc's little red Sunbird. He is involved in the ping-pong club at school and is getting ready for the ACT's in February.
*Trevor is in the 6th grade and officially the King of the elementary. He turned 12 in August and is now in Young Mens. He is still very involved in baseball, and in July we traveled to Chino, California to watch him play in a tournament.
*As for Marc and myself, we just try to keep things running smoothly. Marc is still flying the 767/757 for Delta, and I do, well I do what most stay at home moms do... entertainment coordinator.
*And don't let me forget ( the kids would be mad if I did), Mayo (my-o) our new little kitty. We (I), brought him home in July, and the kids love him to death. Even Marc has decided he is not so bad.
*We hope that you all have a safe and enjoyable Christmas and may 2008 bring with it new and fun times too.
The Carlile's
Marc, Janaye, Brittany, Tye, & Trevor

Nov 24, 2007

Our trip to Chino, California July 2007

In July we all went to Calif. to watch Trevor play baseball. Here we are in the shirts I had made for us to wear. (I'm nothing if not a "Homer"). As you can tell Tye was the most excited of all us to wear the shirts.
Trevor finally hit a homerun in our final game. We didn't win, but it was the highlight of the tournament for him.

Nov 12, 2007

Kitty volleyball

Trev got this little ball from Brit. So when he started playing with it, the kitty decided to play too.

The things we do...

Trevor is constantly wanting to do something. He is rarely seen sittting quietly. This is early this spring while we were in St. George for a baseball tournament. Marcs friend Steve has an airplane that Trev thinks is so cool. They went up to the hangar to get a look at it and Trev decided to pretend he was flying.
Here Trev is at Lake Powell in September learning to waterski. It only took a few tries and he was off and going. By the end of the trip, Trev could stay up until he was too tired to go any more and would just let go of the rope. He made a friend named Cody there that had lots of cool things. They had a satellite to watch TV in their trailer and a PS2 so if ever they needed something to do, they had it.
While Trev was off track in October we made him go shopping with us. So Marc decided to reward him with a trip to Wendy's.
On Nov. 10th, it was Bingham Ball. Lauren (Tye's current girlfriend), asked him to go since it was girls choice. It was held downtown at the Library. I am thinking that Calvin Klein or something may be calling Tye soon for that modeling job.

Nov 1, 2007


Halloween was pretty fun around here. Trev dressed up as Bart Simpson. Marc wanted him to be yellow just like on TV, so we had to buy some thermal underwear and dye them. We tried to do his hair yellow, but it looked more green than yellow. His shirt says "I'm Bart Simpson.. Who the he**are you?!" Tye didn't want to dress up this year, but did put on the angel wings just for fun (Kind of an oxymoron if you ask me). Then we put them on the kitty. He didn't like them, he just tried to attack them. Trev was so excited that his team won the World Series, that he paid tribute by carving a Red Sox pumpkin. I think both pumpkins turned out great. Tye's is a jester. Now the fun begins with the sugar rush for Trev and all that candy he got while trick or treating with Daylor.

Oct 12, 2007

October Ramblings

So Brittany informed me that I am supposed to update my blog all the time so it is current. I told her that without her at home, life just isn't as exciting. The last couple of weeks have been pretty routine. Both of the boys had parent teacher conferences and are doing well in school. (Although Trevor's teacher did catch him snoozing during Bill Nye the Science guy) Trevor will be going off track next week for about 3 weeks home with nothing to do but bug me. Most of his friends are on different tracks this year, which is not good news. Tye joined the ping-pong club, and goes after school every Thursday. Maybe someday he will be as good as his uncle Ben, and actually beat him without Ben using a video tape box.
The most recent exciting news is that we will be going on an 8 night Mexican Riviera Cruise the week before Christmas, actually returning on Christmas Eve. We will be joined by Marc's family, mother, sister and her family, and brother and his family. We have never really travelled with all of them at the same time so this should be fun if all goes well. This will be Christmas for our families, so Santa won't be leaving much under the tree this year. It will also be our first time leaving our kitty Mayo, so I am a little worried how he will do with us gone for so long. I am not sure if we will have someone come and check on/feed him, or if he will get to go stay with his mommy at my parents house.
Speaking of Mayo, he got his first set of shots last week, and next week is going to get fixed. So if you were planning on him fathering any cute kittens, sorry it just won't happen. Christmas should be interesting around here with Mayo. He was an outdoor kitty before we brought him home, so he loves climbing trees. Watch out Christmas Tree!!! At least it is fake so it wont smell like a real tree, but it will have fun little dangling objects for him to try and attack.

Sep 17, 2007

Carlile Family

So this is our family on our Disney Cruise (Oct. 2006), with our servers. We love to travel as often as possible as a whole family. Maybe one of these days it will be just me and Marc, but I am not holding my breath.

Sep 15, 2007

Tye and our kitty

This is Tye all dressed up for his very first date. He went to Bingham Homecoming with a girl from our ward. He is now a junior and has his drivers license...BTW he is driving Marcs little red sunbird, yes it is still around.This is our new kitten Mayo (pronounced My-o, Spanish for May). The kids love playing with him. He is about 41/2 months old, from a litter of kittens at Janaye's parents house.

Aug 17, 2007


Trevor has been playing baseball for the Bingham Miners Super league team now for almost 5 years. They have won many championships together. Trev pitches and is a power hitter. We have traveled to many tournaments to watch him play. Next year we will all go watch him play in Cooperstown, NY (baseball hall of fame, the granddaddy of all tournaments). He just turned 12, and if you can't tell by his cake and is his favorite thing.

Jun 6, 2007


Brittany graduated in June, from Bingham High School, with Honors in the top 10% of her Class. She is now going to Weber State, on a full ride academic scholarship, to get her nursing degree.