Nov 12, 2007

The things we do...

Trevor is constantly wanting to do something. He is rarely seen sittting quietly. This is early this spring while we were in St. George for a baseball tournament. Marcs friend Steve has an airplane that Trev thinks is so cool. They went up to the hangar to get a look at it and Trev decided to pretend he was flying.
Here Trev is at Lake Powell in September learning to waterski. It only took a few tries and he was off and going. By the end of the trip, Trev could stay up until he was too tired to go any more and would just let go of the rope. He made a friend named Cody there that had lots of cool things. They had a satellite to watch TV in their trailer and a PS2 so if ever they needed something to do, they had it.
While Trev was off track in October we made him go shopping with us. So Marc decided to reward him with a trip to Wendy's.
On Nov. 10th, it was Bingham Ball. Lauren (Tye's current girlfriend), asked him to go since it was girls choice. It was held downtown at the Library. I am thinking that Calvin Klein or something may be calling Tye soon for that modeling job.

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Princess Consuela said...

Those pictures are so funny-especially the one of Tye modeling and Trev in the Wendy's head!