Nov 1, 2008

People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball. I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring. ~Rogers Hornsby

So you should guess by the title that baseball is over for the season. (At least until January when that itch comes to pick up a bat and start swinging again)
Trev finished the season strong with a championship victory in the Labor day tournament. Although played at the end of October, the weather was perfect.
This is Trevor and Kansas City Royals player David DeJesus. On a rainy day in October he went to a camp hosted by the Marshalls foundation. All the guys running the camp were major league players. John Buck brought some of his teammates to teach the kids. It was fun to watch all the boys try to really soak in what these guys were telling them. Trev especially liked the hitting coaches, and they liked him. They told him he has a lot of power in his swing, and to keep up the good work.
So you would think by now that we would be tired of going on cruises. (3 in 10 months) But that is exactly what we did over UEA. Tye really wanted to go on a cruise for his senior trip, but before he turns 18. (you can't go to the teen clubs once you are 18) So on a last minute whim and great timing we found a cruise that was for the exact days off so the boys wouldn't miss any school. And by some luck, Marc also had the exact time off as well. It was a 4 night cruise out of Miami on Carnival Destiny. The weather was mostly good, and we were able to relax by the pool and get some sun. It wasn't the best cruise ever, but we all still had a good time. Tye made some new friends, and Trevor just hung out with us a lot and ate ice cream cones. It was nice for me and Marc to just have some time with the 2 boys. We had fun conversations at dinner, and best of all we didn't have to share a room with them this time! (Tye LOL)