Dec 15, 2009

Christmas Card 2009

Carlile 2009
It is that time of year, when people send their Christmas cheer.
We tell of fun events gone by, it sure is crazy how time flies.
Britt and Jake are in a family way, adding a baby this coming May.
Brittany is in Nursing School at Weber State, but being a Mommy, she just can’t wait.
Jacob is working and is quite handy, building a nursery, now that will be dandy.
Tye has been going to SLCC, where he will get his associates degree.
Then next fall with 2 years to go, The “U” will be home for this young fellow.
Trevor is active in so many sports, that home is a baseball field or basketball court.
He is growing so fast and getting so tall, it’s hard to think that he once was so small.
Marc and Janaye, we can’t be getting old?, “that goes with being grandparents,” were told.
For Marc, over the hill is coming this spring, 40 years old is what March will bring.
Janaye has always enjoyed being a mom, but thinks being Grandma will be “the bomb”.
It won’t be to long till the kids are all grown, then they will move out and be on their own.
Cherish the moments, they go by so fast, stop to hold on and make each memory last.
To all of our family and friends we love dear,
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
The Carlile’s
Marc, Janaye, Tye, Trevor, Brittany & Jacob

Nov 28, 2009

Are you ready for some football?

It was the best of both worlds for me and Trevor in early November, the Titans were coming out west to play my 49ers. We don't get many chances to see the Titans play since they are so far away. Although we have seen them play in Denver before, it was only a pre-season game in Vince Young's rookie year. We flew out on Saturday night for the big game. (Marc joined us on Sunday morning) Trevor got his first taste of In & Out Burger.... Not impressed! We got to the stadium early for a big tailgating party.(free food and games...YEAH) Once in the stadium, we were seated on the 50 yard line, row 3 on the Titans side. We watched a lot of the pre-game warm up. (Alex Smith can't do a jumping jack, but his backside wasn't too bad to look at) Vince Young sat on the bench right in front of us when he wasn't in the game.
The weather was beautiful and it was a great game. In the end the Titans fought back and won the game 34-27.
Once the players are all cleaned up and leaving the stadium, they have a meet and greet where they sign autographs and catch-up with family and friends before boarding the bus for the airport. At the end of September, Marc flew the Titans Charter to New England. During this trip, Marc got to meet Rob Bironas (place kicker). So during the meet and greet, we got to go over and hang with Rob for a few. Trevor was soooo excited. Trevor thinks that if he plays football someday, that maybe he would like to be a kicker. Thanks Rob, it was fun to meet you!
No trip to San Francisco is complete without a trip to Ghirardelli. We topped off our great day with some ice cream and a drive down Lombard Street.

Oct 30, 2009

CH CH CH Changes...

So it is that time of year again when the leaves change color and fall off the trees. So it seems that it would be a perfect time for some of my hair to come off too. I like to grow it long enough that I can donate it to the Locks for Love program, which I did.
Speaking of changes, Brittany and Jake are having a baby in the late spring of 2010. Not sure if it is a boy or girl yet, but it is still already putting a dent in my pocketbook. I am sure that it will only get worse. But at least it is all for a good cause. Carlile grandkids=Spoiled Rotten!!!

Sep 14, 2009

I am a slacker...

Well it is the middle of September, so I guess that I should update this blog since the last time I did it was July. Where to start...
The first half of August I was totally consumed by my class reunion. It turned out great and I had such a blast seeing old friends. We had a fun picnic lunch on Saturday afternoon, right after a huge cloud burst, so it was actually kind of cold. Later that night we all went up to Snowbird for a nice dinner and program. Marc and I stayed the night up there so we could visit as late as we could keep our eyes open. On Sunday, we had a simple brunch at Golden Corral and then headed to Glenmoor for some golf. (Marc golfed, I did not) I was sad that so many classmates could not make it, but hopefully the economy will be better before the next one. (which we decided should be a 25 year cruise) Later that same week, one of my classmates that wasn't able to make it for the reunion was down in SLC for work. We got together with some other classmates and laughed about the old times. I didn't get home until 2 in the morning...What was I thinking, I am not 15 anymore.
Trevor had his 14th birthday. Brit and Tye took him to Lagoon to celebrate. I was glad that I didn't have to go. Remind me next year how much I really don't like Lagoon. I guess I have been spoiled by Disney and Universal in Florida.
The boys have finally gone back to school. We talked Tye into going to SLCC for his first year and staying home to save his money for that new car he thinks he needs. (yes he is still driving the Sunbird) Trevor seems to be enjoying 8th grade so far. He is playing fall baseball for the Blasterz and is having lots of fun. They played in the Labor day tournament and made it to the semi's.
The end of August my sister came from Virginia with her 3 girls to take the 2 oldest down to BYU. They spent about 8 days here before they went back. Brit is so excited to have her 2 oldest girl cousins living close by so now they can come to family dinners.
Brit has started the nursing program at Weber State, and was a bit overwhelmed at first, but seems to be settling in just fine now. She has used us as her guinea pigs for doing some assessments, and we are still alive to speak about it...I am sure we will get plenty of chances for her to practice on us.
We are all keeping busy around our house, getting ready for whatever comes our way.

Jul 29, 2009

Steamboat Springs

The baseball season has come to an end (until fallball starts up this week) with a trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado for the final tournament. We have been here once before, and were looking forward to tubing down the Yampa river. Baseball was a bit on the disappointing side of fun, but everything else was great. We went down the river almost everyday, and my bruised butt is proof of that. (I will spare you all any pictures of that) Marc even went down one day without a tube...CRAZY!! We spent a whole week there and left Tye and the kitty home together. I know we were pretty brave leaving an 18 year old home by himself, but everything seemed all put back together when we got back.
It is crazy to think that we have been playing baseball for so long that next year will be Trevor's last year before hopefully playing in high school.
We have 4 weeks until school starts up again. Tye will be living at home for now, but already has his schedule for the U.

Jun 5, 2009

Tye Graduates

So who knew that they were really going to let Tye get out of High School? JK. It has been a long wait for Tye this year. He had a very supportive family come to see him get that diploma, including...Grandparents-Jay and Luana, and Linda and Great Grandparents Maxine and Keith, of course Brittany was there as well. Tye being Tye did not want to go to any fancy restaurant for a nice dinner, instead it was Dominos pizza and cake from Costco. At least it was cheap. The best part of the day was when he got to go pick up his new laptop computer. So now he can lay and bed and play the computer...Life sucks I know!

May 14, 2009

20 Years

We have been married for 20 years...Can you believe that? I know it seems like longer, since we did actually get together 24 years ago. I remember the first time I saw Marc. It was the beginning of the new semester and he was the new teachers aid for Mrs. Ambus, my English teacher. 2 other girls in my class, one which he was involved with, used to do sign language across the room to each other about him. I thought he was kind of cute. I think the first time he would remember me, was after school getting ready for basketball games. We were both on the Jr. High teams. I liked to stick the basketball up my shirt and walk around like I was pregnant:) who knew? Some of the girls knew that I liked him so they kept making sure that I was "bumping" into him. We had a region dance coming up, so I got some of my/his friends to convince him to come. The only problem was that he had gone skiing that day and was tired. I am not sure what my friends told him, but he did show up. The first song we danced to was Careless Whisper by Wham. Of course there were friends of the other girl he was involved with there that saw this and boy did it cause drama. Not to worry, we all know how it worked out! Our first official date (I was in 8th grade he was in 9th, so we weren't even 16 yet, actually we were both 14 at the time) was to my own ward YM-YW dance for Valentines Day. At the dance he took a heart off the wall and asked me to be his girlfriend.

There is no special reason for the date of our anniversary. It wasn't picked because of a special memory tied to it. In fact the only reason we got married on that date was that it was the first Saturday after Marc was to have earned his next flying certificate. We originally wanted to get married on Valentines Day since that was the same as our first date, but it wasn't to be unless we waited another year. So I guess that now we get to celebrate more anniversaries. :)

Happy Anniversary Marc! Here is to 20 more years of wedded bliss.

Apr 15, 2009

Baseball Fever

Here it is April, and baseball is in full swing. Trev has already played in 3 tournaments and a 4th at the end of April. They didn't do very well in March Madness in St. George, which is a tournament they typically at least make to Championship day. 2 weeks later we were back down to Mesquite for a Triple Crown tournament, and with a little help from our Wildcat friends, the boys won. 4 Days after that tournament, we started the Spring Fling tournament over Spring Break. The weather was not kind, but we played through a lot of it, including the championship game. We did not win, but our boys had played a lot of baseball in the last 9 days. Just to make it to the Championship game was asking for a lot, and they were exhausted.
Tye was accepted to the University of Utah for this fall. He is planning on studying drafting and architectural design. Not sure if he will live at home or up on campus, but for now I am trying to enjoy the time he is at home. He will be graduating from Bingham on June 4th. Boy does time fly.
Brit got into the Nursing program at Weber State this fall. She continues to work at McKay Dee hospital as both a clerk and a CNA. Classes will be done for this semester at the end of April, but she will finish her medical coding program during the summer.
As for Marc and myself, we are doing what parents do, worrying about the future for our kids, but trying to make the best of what is in front of us now. It is hard to beleive that we will soon only have Trev at home. I am sure he will take all the spoiling in stride...He is the baby, you know!
I am sure that during this baseball season my blog will be neglected, so just bare with me as I find the time to update.

Mar 2, 2009

Tye is an Adult?

Not sure that just turning 18 really counts as being an adult, except legally. Shouldn't there be some test you have to pass, not just graduate High School? I know he is still a teenager and therefore probably knows everything, but I wish that I could hold that cute little baby boy just one more time. Speaking of graduating and moving on... Tye got his official certificate of admissions to the U. Now all we have to do is come up with lots of money to put him through college. Luckily he has earned almost an Associates degree with all his concurrent classes in High School. We are very proud of Tye and know that underneath that sometimes ornery exterior, he is a wonderful kid that can do anything he puts his mind to. Happy Birthday Tye!

Feb 2, 2009

January thaw...not!

January is always so cold that we couldn't help being so excited to go to Florida for some sun. Well it wasn't as warm as we had hoped, but still better than Salt Lake. We had to wear our jackets to the parks everyday. Tye actually got sick and had to stay home from the park one of the days :( All in all it was a fabulous trip and fun to have the whole family together. This was the second half of Tye's senior trip. Some of our favorite rides were...the new Simpson's ride in Universal and Toy Story Mania in Hollywood Studios and of course all the past favorites like Spiderman and Rockin' Roller Coaster. My absolute favorite moment was on the Tower of Terror when Trevor, as many know has a very queasy stomach, started squealing like a girl after the first drop. Every drop he would bring his hands to his mouth and squeal/scream. I couldn't stop laughing, by the end I was crying with tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. The best picture of the trip is one we should have bought, but didn't. We went on the Dinosaur ride in Animal Kingdom and at the very end a huge dinosaur comes out at you and just about lands on you. Both Trevor and Brittany screamed and hid their heads in their neighbors shoulders. The picture was hilarious. Most of the rides take pictures during the ride. All of us tried to see who could come up with the best faces. It was so much fun. We came home to snow, what a bummer ;p.

Jan 5, 2009

Kids...and their rewards

December was a good month for the kids.
On Dec. 12th, Brittany graduated with her associates degree. Now we just have to wait and see if she gets into the nursing program this fall. (That is NURSING... not breastfeeding!!!) She was already accepted as an alternate last fall, but needed a class they did not offer in the summer. So she is currently in a medical coding program waiting out her time.
Later that night after graduation, the kids all packed up and went to Grandma Day, no cats allowed. We got to have Leo spend the weekend with Mayo. They are best buds now, but you wouldn't know that from that photo. It did take a little time to adjust to each other. I think they missed each other when Leo went home, but Mayo did catch up on a lot of needed rest.

The boys always seem to have Santa wrapped around their little fingers and convince him that they have been good all year. Tye got xbox and computer stuff and Trev got an ipod touch. Marc and I got a few little odds and ends, but mostly decided that our gift was taking the family to Orlando in January. The snow was horrible that day, which made traveling difficult. We got stuck in the snow at least 3 *$#!#^* times. (Maybe next time Marc will take the 4 wheel drive..DUH!!!) I am so glad we did not have to go to Heber until Friday.