May 14, 2008


So here it is the middle of May, and I am saying to myself "where did April go?" I must have lost track of time. Things have been pretty busy around here since the wedding date got moved up to right in the middle of baseball season. Between planning and shopping and all that goes with wedding stuff, Trevor has had a lot of baseball.
He has had league games and 2 more tournaments since the beginning of April. His team has done fairly well in the tournaments, but lost in the semi's in both. So no new championships to talk about. Hopefully they will be able to redeem themselves during the Memorial Day tournament.

Speaking of losing....I guess we should be saying were gaining a son-in-law, rather than say we are losing a daughter, but sometimes it feels that way. In 2 weeks she will be married and off on a new phase of her life. She is very excited for that. They will honeymoon on a 5 day Baja cruise and in California. Then they will come back to the real world and live happily ever after. Brit also has started a new job at the hospital. When she isn't working, she will be spending time doing things to their new home, like painting and planting a garden.
So if you see me at the wedding or anywhere else the next few weeks and I seem a bit lost, I am sure those marbles will find their way back soon. Just remember, Marc is the one losing his hair, I am just gaining gray ones.