Jan 31, 2010

January THAW, Orlando Style!

I love the fact that sometimes we can just pick up and go last minute. The weather had been kind of a downer lately, so some sunshine was in order. We had to decide between Hawaii and Orlando, (I know that is tough) but ended up in Orlando since we could get a place to stay last minute. Tye was not able to make the trip with us since his new semester had just started, so it was just Marc, Trevor and me. We had planned on gong to SeaWorld since we have not been to the one in Orlando before. As a surprise bonus to our trip, we had some awesome friends that were also in Orlando for a couple of the same days, and had some extra Disney tickets that were going to expire, so they let us have them. We relaxed as much as we could, and didn't stress how long we were in the parks, with the exception of the one day in Disney. The weather was so nice, much nicer than last year. The only bad weather we had was one night it literally poured rain for most of the night, it woke us up many times, but by morning the sun was out and beautiful again. We enjoyed the Dolphin show at SeaWorld the most, and the 2 fun roller coasters too. There is no doubt that Trev is a little spoiled, and he soaked it all up. He was even nice enough to bring some gifts home for some of his friend girls. It was so much fun to get away, that we really didn't want to come home. Can't wait to get away and do it again.