Feb 2, 2009

January thaw...not!

January is always so cold that we couldn't help being so excited to go to Florida for some sun. Well it wasn't as warm as we had hoped, but still better than Salt Lake. We had to wear our jackets to the parks everyday. Tye actually got sick and had to stay home from the park one of the days :( All in all it was a fabulous trip and fun to have the whole family together. This was the second half of Tye's senior trip. Some of our favorite rides were...the new Simpson's ride in Universal and Toy Story Mania in Hollywood Studios and of course all the past favorites like Spiderman and Rockin' Roller Coaster. My absolute favorite moment was on the Tower of Terror when Trevor, as many know has a very queasy stomach, started squealing like a girl after the first drop. Every drop he would bring his hands to his mouth and squeal/scream. I couldn't stop laughing, by the end I was crying with tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. The best picture of the trip is one we should have bought, but didn't. We went on the Dinosaur ride in Animal Kingdom and at the very end a huge dinosaur comes out at you and just about lands on you. Both Trevor and Brittany screamed and hid their heads in their neighbors shoulders. The picture was hilarious. Most of the rides take pictures during the ride. All of us tried to see who could come up with the best faces. It was so much fun. We came home to snow, what a bummer ;p.