Dec 15, 2009

Christmas Card 2009

Carlile 2009
It is that time of year, when people send their Christmas cheer.
We tell of fun events gone by, it sure is crazy how time flies.
Britt and Jake are in a family way, adding a baby this coming May.
Brittany is in Nursing School at Weber State, but being a Mommy, she just can’t wait.
Jacob is working and is quite handy, building a nursery, now that will be dandy.
Tye has been going to SLCC, where he will get his associates degree.
Then next fall with 2 years to go, The “U” will be home for this young fellow.
Trevor is active in so many sports, that home is a baseball field or basketball court.
He is growing so fast and getting so tall, it’s hard to think that he once was so small.
Marc and Janaye, we can’t be getting old?, “that goes with being grandparents,” were told.
For Marc, over the hill is coming this spring, 40 years old is what March will bring.
Janaye has always enjoyed being a mom, but thinks being Grandma will be “the bomb”.
It won’t be to long till the kids are all grown, then they will move out and be on their own.
Cherish the moments, they go by so fast, stop to hold on and make each memory last.
To all of our family and friends we love dear,
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
The Carlile’s
Marc, Janaye, Tye, Trevor, Brittany & Jacob