Jan 29, 2011

What I learned from spending the week with a 1 year old...

There are reasons most people choose to have children when they are young.
I forgot how exhausting the hours are that babies keep.
You don't realize all the muscles you use to hold, carry, lift, swing, throw etc. (that does not include the muscles you have used to use them as exercise equipment, I will be sore tomorrow)
Lincoln loves to brush his teeth, eat noodles, drink chocolate milk, mozzarella sticks, cocoa puffs, chocolate covered marshmallows, chase the kitty, be tickled, eat by himself, his blanket, and my most favorite thing, he loves to be cuddled!
Lincoln does not like cottage cheese, apples with caramel (from McD's), ketchup on fries, lucky charms, oatmeal, to be held by anybody else if he is sad, he will scream (the high pitched kind) if he is mad, but also when he just wants to get your attention.
He sleeps through the night, but does get up earlier than I am ready to be functional for the day.
He only got scratched by the cat 2 times, within minutes of each other. Who goes back for seconds? Luckily Mayo is a bit quicker than Lincoln. Lincoln did grab his tail or a wad of fur, but usually just wanted to pat him. He never even tried to eat the cat food, and really only tried once to play in the water dish.
The only times he opened cupboards or drawers was after I opened one...YAY!
I tried in vain to get him to say my name, Marc, Tye or Trev or even what the kitty says:( He will probably go home and say something totally random.
Everybody was so good with Lincoln, but all the dirty work was left up to me.
It was a fun week, but now it is time to sleep!
Love you Lincoln!