Jun 23, 2008


What a jam packed June it has been. Baseball, baseball and even a little more baseball. We started off the month with a trip to Denver for a Triple Crown tournament. As part of the festivities, we all got to attend a Colorado Rockies game. In a pre-game parade, the boys all got to go down on the field and walk the entire circumference of the field. We were supposed to sit in nose bleed heaven, but Sam finagled some seats in the lower bowl right field side. The Rockies beat the Milwaukee Brewers. (Trev thought it was cool to see Cecil Feilder anyway) The tournament wasn't that great. The boys didn't win, but they started playing better by the end.

So this last weekend, we finally made up the rest of the rained out Memorial Day tournament. We went in as the 7th seed. We barely beat the Dirt Dogs in extra innings, 7-6. The next team, the Bangers, we beat 15-0. Finally the game/team we had been waiting for....The Dingers. We have struggled against them the last couple of years, with them getting the majority of the wins. All of the boys played great and we came away with a win 10-7. It was great to get this win just before we head off to Cooperstown, New York in 2 weeks for the biggest tournament ever.