Aug 31, 2008


August was a fun and busy month. Baseball (Marshalls) finally ended the last week of July. And now it is time to relax and get ready for school to start.
On August 14th we went to Seattle. Trev, Marc's mom and I went to the Space Needle. It was fun, and somewhat freaky riding up in the glass door elevator, which I was smashed up against.
The next day we went and got on our cruise bound for Alaska.
Our first stop was in Sitka, on Trevor's birthday. We decorated the door, so everyone knew it was his birthday when they walked past. At dinner all the waiters sang happy birthday and gave him his own special cake. Happy 13th Birthday baby boy. Now all we need to celebrate Tye's birthday on a cruise.
While in Sitka, Tye and Trevor pose with a whale. Tye has many more interesting posses you will just have to ask him about. We also got to see the Hubbard Glacier, Juneau, Ketchikan, and Victoria BC. I survived being with ALL of Marc's family for an entire week. Marc had a encounter with a polar bear...plunge that is, and banged up his nose on the bottom of the pool. The boys got to know many new friends, and even enjoyed being with their cousins too.
We got home just in time to wash clothes and get ready for school to start. Trev is finally in middle school and enjoying the 7th grade. Tye is now a senior and is taking many classes with college credits. It should be a great year for the boys.
Up next, more baseball.