Jul 29, 2009

Steamboat Springs

The baseball season has come to an end (until fallball starts up this week) with a trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado for the final tournament. We have been here once before, and were looking forward to tubing down the Yampa river. Baseball was a bit on the disappointing side of fun, but everything else was great. We went down the river almost everyday, and my bruised butt is proof of that. (I will spare you all any pictures of that) Marc even went down one day without a tube...CRAZY!! We spent a whole week there and left Tye and the kitty home together. I know we were pretty brave leaving an 18 year old home by himself, but everything seemed all put back together when we got back.
It is crazy to think that we have been playing baseball for so long that next year will be Trevor's last year before hopefully playing in high school.
We have 4 weeks until school starts up again. Tye will be living at home for now, but already has his schedule for the U.