Oct 1, 2008

Wake me up when September Ends...

So we have moved right into more baseball. Trevor is currently playing for 2 different teams for fall ball. He is playing for the Utah Red Sox ( a tournament team ) and the Utah Blasterz.
The Utah Red Sox played in the labor day tournament in Spanish Fork. They went into Championship day as the #1 seed, but it was rained out and will be finished at the end of October...BRRRRR. The above picture is of them at the Fall Nationals Tournament in Las Vegas. They went 3 and 3, and had tons of fun.
So here is Trevor playing for the Blasterz. He is having so much fun playing with a lot of his friends from school. He hasn't caught in a very long time, but was excited to get the chance. They play at a new distance this year and it is taking a bit of getting used to. He hasn't been hitting all that well, but has been pitching great.
On Saturday the 27th, we went to a U of U vs. Weber State football game. Brit and Jake came down for her birthday to see the game too. We brought along Chantell with us and they sat with Jake and Brit in the Weber cheering section. Marc and I sat in the U cheering section. Utah won the game 37-21.
We still have a few baseball games left and then who knows what is in store next, maybe some basketball.