Jan 5, 2009

Kids...and their rewards

December was a good month for the kids.
On Dec. 12th, Brittany graduated with her associates degree. Now we just have to wait and see if she gets into the nursing program this fall. (That is NURSING... not breastfeeding!!!) She was already accepted as an alternate last fall, but needed a class they did not offer in the summer. So she is currently in a medical coding program waiting out her time.
Later that night after graduation, the kids all packed up and went to Grandma Day, no cats allowed. We got to have Leo spend the weekend with Mayo. They are best buds now, but you wouldn't know that from that photo. It did take a little time to adjust to each other. I think they missed each other when Leo went home, but Mayo did catch up on a lot of needed rest.

The boys always seem to have Santa wrapped around their little fingers and convince him that they have been good all year. Tye got xbox and computer stuff and Trev got an ipod touch. Marc and I got a few little odds and ends, but mostly decided that our gift was taking the family to Orlando in January. The snow was horrible that day, which made traveling difficult. We got stuck in the snow at least 3 *$#!#^* times. (Maybe next time Marc will take the 4 wheel drive..DUH!!!) I am so glad we did not have to go to Heber until Friday.