Nov 1, 2007


Halloween was pretty fun around here. Trev dressed up as Bart Simpson. Marc wanted him to be yellow just like on TV, so we had to buy some thermal underwear and dye them. We tried to do his hair yellow, but it looked more green than yellow. His shirt says "I'm Bart Simpson.. Who the he**are you?!" Tye didn't want to dress up this year, but did put on the angel wings just for fun (Kind of an oxymoron if you ask me). Then we put them on the kitty. He didn't like them, he just tried to attack them. Trev was so excited that his team won the World Series, that he paid tribute by carving a Red Sox pumpkin. I think both pumpkins turned out great. Tye's is a jester. Now the fun begins with the sugar rush for Trev and all that candy he got while trick or treating with Daylor.

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Princess Consuela said...

Those wings so do not fit Tye! But they do look cool on the cat...I like trev's costume