Jan 24, 2008

It's a boy...New addition coming in August

Scared you there for a minute didn't I? Just kidding!!! Actually we are adding a new member to our family on August 2. Brittany is officially engaged to a nice young man named Jacob (Jake) Jensen. I know, me and Marc are much to young for this, but that is what happens when you start a family early too. We have plenty of time to plan and prepare which is good so it can be the best day of Brit's life. She met Jake up in Ogden through a group of Janessa and Ben's cousin. They hit it off from the very start. Jake is 25, just graduated with a degree in computer science, and served a mission to Argentina. He is the oldest of 5 boys. Poor Brittany adds 4 more brothers to her life and to top it off, another Trevor. She is so excited, so feel free to drop her a note (a link to her blog is on our blogging friends).

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