Apr 3, 2010

We're having a BALL...

It is amazing how we lose track of time and all of the sudden it is April. So I guess that I will attempt to recap the things we've been up to. In early February Marc took Trev to a Jazz game. They got to sit in the Delta Suite and order lots of yummy food. The Jazz won, so that made it even better. For Presidents day we headed south to "sin city" aka Las Vegas. We took Brittany and Jacob with us. Marc had to see the dancing water at Bellagio and we all just took in the sights on the strip for an afternoon. We relaxed and hung out and just enjoyed being in the warm away from cold SLC. Trev finally finished up Jr. Jazz basketball on the Saturday before we went to St. George for March Madness. His basketball team was a lot of fun and they had a pretty successful season. As for baseball, Trev is still playing for the Utah Marshalls. This should be his last year in super league. Next year he will be able to try out for the high school team. His team has a couple of new faces and we were sad to see some long time friends leave. They have gotten off to a great start so far, they won the March Madness tournament. Trev is still struggling a bit and has his ups and downs on the field, but he has a lot more instruction this year from SLCC players and coaches and we are slowly watching him work out some kinks. I no longer have to keep the score at every game, so I have been able to enjoy visiting with the other parents.
Up next on our agenda is of course more baseball, getting Trev through the last quarter of school, Tye will be graduating with his Associates Degree from SLCC in May, and most importantly waiting for baby Spencer to arrive sometime mid to late May. Of course Brittany needs to finish her spring semester of nursing school before he makes his debut.
Next time I post on this blog (since I do it so frequently), I may be a grandma bragging about how cute my grand baby is. Don't take it personally, but it will probably be true.

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