May 8, 2010

Some lost...some found

Lost.... My mind? It has been a busy time at our house lately. Trev of course is knee deep in baseball, which means mom is too. Trev was in a bit of a hitting slump and struggling with his pitching. School for both boys has been a constant battle, except Tye is now done and has his associates degree. (He is planning to go to the U this fall) I can't wait for the next 4 weeks to go by so that Trev will be done as well. Of course that just means that it is time to stress and get all the work done before then. Brit came and spent about 4 days with us while Jake was in Virginia for work. We had a shower, at my house, for Brit at the end of April. She received many nice things for baby Spencer, who is going to arrive any day now. Trev had his I-pod stolen. My sister is here visisting from New Zealand for 3 weeks. And will the rain and cold ever go away? I have been trying to start my garden. Could Trev play some games that don't require me to bring my heater and bundle up like it is winter?

Found... Good things come to those who wait? So Marc flew the Red Sox a few weeks back and got to chat with Trev's favorite player Dustin Pedroia. Marc was wearing some of Trev's Red Sox gear, so Dustin asked him about it. Of course Marc told him that is was Trevs and all about Trev and playing baseball and his aforementioned woes. Dustin took Marcs phone and texted Trev a little encouragment note. It seems that since then, that Trev has been doing better. Thanks Dustin. Yeah school is out in 4 weeks. Trev is going to be doing some extra school for 3 weeks in June so that he can clear some room in his schedule next fall. (3 hours of PE everyday won't be a bad thing right?) Having Brit home for those few days made me miss having her around. All the laughter that her and her brothers brought to the house was so much fun. Trev earned his first paycheck by umping some little 8 year old teams. He wants to use his money to go golfing. That money will run out fast. It was either that or buy a new I-pod, but as luck would have it, we were able to recover the I-pod. The weather has been better the last couple of days and I am finally starting to see some sprouts in my garden. (too bad some more cold/rain is on the way). My sister leaves back to New Zealand in 4 days. It has been fun getting to know Joshua more since he was just 1 when they left. As of this posting Brit is due in 2 weeks, although her Dr. says it should happen sooner. As excited as I am to get him here, Brit is trying to take her nursing boards next week, so I guess I could wait a little longer for him to get here.

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