May 26, 2010

Arrivals, Depatures, and near misses...

It is official, we are Grandparents. Little Spencer arrived on May 20th at 12:07pm, weighing in at 6 lbs 13 oz. and 19 1/2 ins. long. It was a bit of a long labor for Brittany, but she is grateful for epidurals. He is so cute and tiny, and a little yellow. He is having to do a bili-suitcase to help get his jaundice under control. Britt and Jake are doing well with the little guy, just trying to figure the whole parenting thing out while getting very little sleep. We are so excited to have him here, especially Trevor. He is already planning all the things he will get to teach Spencer as his uncle. I am sure that our gas bill will be going up a bit with all the trips to Ogden that we will be making now that he is here.
Sadly, Marc's Grandpa Clay passed away on May 24th without getting to meet his first great-great grandson. He was always a great guy to be around. He had a sense of humor that kept us laughing all the time. He never was one to let anyone get away with things that they shouldn't and told you how it was. I am sure that is why I got along with him so well. Marc always reminded me of Grandpa Clay with his big hands, a trait that Trevor shares too. I always heard the stories of Marc having to help Grandpa in the fields or clean the seminary buildings in the summer. He spent a lot of time up in Heber with his Grandparents, something I am sure he hopes that we can do with ours. (I just hope it is a lot of trips and not work that we are doing) We will miss Grandpa Clay, but know he is in a better place with Grandma Lola.
Our poor little kitty Mayo has been a bit sick lately. At first we thought it was just a simple bladder infection that we treated with medication. After almost 2 weeks of treatment, that we thought was going well, he took a turn for the worse. Now his bladder had produced crystals that were blocking his ability to pee. He was spending a lot of time in the litterbox, but not able to go. Or else he was hiding in dark places, something animals do when they are sick. A urinary blockage can kill an animal in 24-48 hours if not treated since it shuts down their kidneys. So off to emergency care to get him taken care of. (we must really love our cat to spend that kind of money on him) They had to insert a catheter to unblock him, and currently he is still at the vets for observation. He has to wear the cone so he won't lick the catheter out of place.
Needless to say the last 6 days have been quite eventful. They say things happen in 3's. So I think we should be good for a while.


Princess Consuela and Her Prince said...

I thought it was bad things happen in 3's?

kiwibabee said...

Poor Mayo, I hope he starts feeling better.
You just need to convince Brittany that they can move closer to you.

Carlile Family said...

Technically yes it is 3 bad things, so we will just count Spencer having to be under the lights for so long as the 3rd thing.